the work you do to

build yourself into your highest form

Shaping a society with strong morals and values.

Through proper goal setting seminars, education about natural laws and all other forms of personal development we wholeheartedly hope to attract the right audience that are in need to learn such powerful life changing tools, an audience that will eventually form a community of people with the same vision of a new future construct.

Working for the greatest purpose.

This work is being organised and gathered not for our brand, this goes beyond us. This is a tremendously powerful human legacy being created to last as long as this world may last, a legacy of human values, integrity, growth and love, in the hope to restore and create a more sustainable planet, way of life and a vastly more aware human consciousness combined with the divine nature of spirit.

A vision for the future.

Our main goal and vision of the future we hope to build, one community at a time, one interview, one seminar, one coaching session at a time, one human being at a time, one success at a time, one great school at a time. We will start laying the first cornerstone as perfectly as possible in the hope that others will see and keep building.

we were mentored, to mentor, by some of the greatest.


Entreprenhour was created in order to exhibit the reality of being an entrepreneur. It is of utmost importance for anyone starting an endeavour of any consequence to be prepared for reality. In these interviews we try our best to ask good questions and keep it real. Helping an entrepreneur who is starting off get the correct perspective is of great value. These interviews are both instructive and entertaining and rich with content of value for anyone looking to improve themselves.

Mr. Angelo Xuereb

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MEET US IN PERSON, for a game changing experience.

Our Seminars.

This Seminar is the solid foundation of all seminars. You will literally receive a blue print for creating the life you really desire, not what you think is reasonable, but, the life you desire with a passion, make no mistake ,it is attainable. Through proper goal setting and particular knowledge you might not have had before, a new way will be presented to you , tools you can start using the very next day of the seminar. Sure life might most times surprise you with unexpected and soul crushing challenges, a really good reason to learn and understand the tools that will build your mental toughness to endure and conquer all. In the end of our lives the only real exuberance we can experience can only come from the fact that we really did all we could to live a purposeful life and have no heart wrenching regrets of not having tried. You just cannot put a price on your own personal happiness and wellbeing, do it now.

Investing in yourself is never expensive,
the price of not investing is what's expensive.

Coached by the greatest.

Grant Cardone is a world-renowned entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, and coach. He owns and operates seven privately held companies, and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets worth over $4 Billion. He is featured on Season 2 of Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire, where he takes on the challenge of building a million-dollar business in 90 days. Grant is also a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including The 10X Rule. Cardone uses his massive 15-million plus following to give back via The Grant Cardone Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring underprivileged and troubled youth in financial literacy and entrepreneurship – especially those without a father figure.

Great people lead to great work.

I have met in person, Grant Cardone, one of the current global investment, property, and sales training magnate. I have bought all his books and got them signed by him in person. I have bought several training programs, and I never regret doing so.

I have had the pleasure to study a considerable amount of the world’s best material and put it to work to decide what portion of it works for real, organised it in the way it worked magic for myself and others close to me, that is all I teach, what I know for sure that works. This material is not in possession or created by one person, but it is powerful because it has been accumulated through the ages.

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